2015 © Luke Riggall

LR Design LTD
2008 - 2009

Novanta is a utilitarian desk designed for designers and other professionals.
Designed with extreme attention to productivity, organisation, style and quality.

Novanta was a huge success but it was not suitable for mass retail due to high manufacturing costs. There is a new version on the horizon for 2013... even more efficient, higher quality, mass-manufacture friendly and designed for the future. Watch this space!

Integration - All the essentials for computer and pen based work integrated into a single tool.
Style - A completely unique style that fits perfectly with a designers equipment.
Organisation - Four words; cable management and tailored drawers.
Lifestyle - With about 1/4 of a billion iPhones/iPods worldwide, audio systems, laptops, large displays as well as other gadgets devices...

... Isn't it about time your desk caught up?!