2015 © Luke Riggall

This beautiful, organic device floats around a room cleansing the air of its odours as well as adding a unique and dynamic point of interest into your home. Clearly taking inspiration from the most flowing and calm creation of nature – The jellyfish (as well as mushrooms). I wanted to step away from what an average device looks and acts like and give a fresh, natural and unique approach to the subject. The outcome is a piece of art closely integrated with technology resulting in a functioning concept suitable for your home. In light, the devices shell absorbs the light energy and in the dark this then naturally ‘leaks’ back out into the environment causing a calm glow.

I think with a bit more work this idea can become a beautiful reality instead of a 2D concept. Please try and think beyond the images provided and use your own imagination to see how decorative and delicate (in an atheistical sense) this product can be in any home.

Technical solution:
The ‘body’ of the device is filled by the user with a special liquid which slowly soaks through and causes a chemical reaction with the underside of the body. This reaction causes heat, incense fragrance and purifies the air. These then interact with the air in the room; the heat heats up the air creating a ‘pocket’ of hot air that naturally wants to rise, causing the device to float. The fragrance and purifying elements treat and enhance the air.

Bascially theres a small and simple sensor on the top which is activated when the device to too near the ceiling. When activated the body will contract and release some of the hot air pocket underneath (which is keeping it floating like a hot air balloon) The device then drops but the underneath pocket of air is then being heated up and balances it out again. This same principle can be effective to ovoid the walls of a room, except the shel would contract at an angle.

*One Bloom device recommended for each room.
*Refill the body each week for maximum effect.

This project was produced for the Swirl Smell Fighter Innovation Contest
This design won 2nd place and achieved me a prize of 1000€ (about £900)
A big thank you to everyone who voted and left a comment!