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New College Stamford - Sports & Educational Facility
4th Year - RIBA Part 1 - Architectural Designer at LK2 Architects
01.08.2013 - Present

LK2 Architects and LK2 Sports & Education have been instrumental in bringing about the new multi-million pound development. It has been made possible through an innovative partnership of the College, Football Club and Burghley House Preservation Trust and complements an approved plan to relocate Stamford Association Football Club to a site on Ryhall Road.

As well as providing a new football stadium the revised plans incorporate a sports hall, gym and associated teaching and changing rooms. The new additions will provide facilities for the students of New College Stamford and other community groups that currently use the amenities at the college and will be shared with Stamford AFC.

LK2 Architects and LK2 Sports & Education working for the partnership, have reworked the approved scheme to deliver the shared facility with minimum additional impact. The new scheme follows the lead of the approved development by using the dip in the land as a natural screen, with new woodland planting also being used as before to assimilate the development into the landscape and protect the amenity of houses nearby. The new proposal will be no closer to houses at the edge of Stamford than the already approved scheme.

The partners are Burghley House Preservation Trust, Stamford Association Football Club and New College Stamford.

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