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Timber Boat Restoration & Climatic Refuge Facility - Marina Grande, Sorrento, Italy
5th Year - RIBA Part II
01.12.2013 - 01.05.2014

This is a comprehensive design project as a response to the local boating and fishing culture in Marina Grande, as well as acting as a refuge from harsh climatic conditions.

The proposal replaces an existing fishing industry pier and reinstates this existing use with an upgraded facilities further in the bay.

The timber construction of the facility mirrors that of the boats.

My main inspiration for the scheme was after meeting with a local boat craftsman who was restoring an old Gozzie fishing boat at a workshop called Cataldo Aprea & Sons. This boat was called San Antonio and was originally built in Sorrento in 1936, where is remained its entire life as a fishing and beach boat.

The form of the building was influenced by the direction of the harshest weather from the wind, waves and sun as well as referencing the marina with a lighter, open side helping with ventilation.

Environmental sustainability was also experimented with using large wind cowls for extraction and ventilation again mirroring the relationship between boats and the ocean.

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