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Situating Limbs
5th Year - RIBA Part II
01.09.2013 - 01.11.2013

- To place your leg(s) and body in a certain place and position -

The brief for this project was to study our own personal lives within our houses and to design and build a device as a response to this research.

Situating limbs can be seen as a revolutionary new way of sitting and moving around a space, whether this is the office, house or a more portable version for all places.

I envisage that this device could be refined to improve its usability, comfort and weight using moulded carbon fibre to create an incredibly free way of moving and sitting.

The device allows the user to set any position and to be deployed in any location, quickly and easily.

Throughout my research I found that there is actually no way of sitting that is healthy.
"The best posture, is the next posture".
"The real problem is that sitting, in our society, usually means putting your body in a raised seat with back support - a chair".

Situating limbs would be an entirely wearable solution - the evolution to the conventional chair.
The user would be able to sit anywhere, encouraged to move and there would be much more free space as chairs and benches would be obsolete!

Once widely used, this device could also change the way society uses public spaces, people could be set in any position in any location.
The prototype itself is precision water-jet cut from 2.5mm mild steel with thick brown leather straps which are crafted to run along the muscles of the users legs to improve comfort.