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Folly Reach
4th Year - RIBA Part 1 - Architectural Designer at LK2 Architects
01.09.2013 - Present

Individually designed bespoke homes comprising 82 houses, 17 apartments, a 4 star hotel, spa, business units and organic shop.

A mixed use proposal requires careful investigation and planning particularly here because of the nature of the Isle of Wight. Consideration was given to why developments, predominately Victorian, which provide a successful legacy have worked; many can be found on the Island; but they have never truly been repeated in recent times. Folly Reach presents a unique opportunity and responsibility on the landowner to create a contemporary village environment community and legacy such as was created in these locations.

Folly Reach will provide a product which has evolved organically over the last 4 years of the site’s design evolution and careful analysis of the market and its ever changing demands and recognition of the potential to further establish an outstanding tourism and leisure hub. In addition the team has undertaken in depth historical research, urban design/landscape studies and economic assessments of the local area. The findings have been analysed and evaluated and combined with the feedback from the Public Consultation Exhibition to produce the planning application.

The vision for creating Folly Reach has evolved through the skilled knowledge, investigation and experience of a multi-disciplinary professional team. Although there were many constraints to integrate, the product that has evolved is truly exceptional in its vision and delivery capability in respect of both product and engagement with public and private sector alike. This will result in the creation of homes to live in, a hotel to stay in, jobs to be created and for a truly one off environment to be created, operated, enjoyed and managed by many.

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